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I have plenty of foreign friends that I meet online and many of them come to me and ask when they have a travel... IS VIETNAM SAFE TO VISIT? (P1)

I have plenty of foreign friends that I meet online and many of them come to me and ask when they have a travel plan to Asia: Hey buddy, is Vietnam safe to visit? Therefore, I think this is a nice topic to talk about. Let’s say about some things which is safe and – dangerous here:


Is Vietnam safe?

Is Vietnam safe?


Is Vietnam people safe or dangerous?

Answer: Safe (9/10)

Vietnam can be considered as the most friendly nation in the world (Sorry Canada, but it happens). People here are open to all foreigners from every corner of the world, even if they don’t understand the strangers’ language, they would use the universal language: the smile. You can get a lot of smiles from Vietnamese, from big city like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi City to some remote area in the North or Mekong Delta. Everyone would love to welcome you, host you, be friend with you or giving you help when needed. When you visit a Vietnamese community, like a village, you will be treated as a precious guest.


Vietnamese are super friendly and smile all the time


Vietnam crime rate is very low, of course there will be theft and scams, which happens everywhere, but overall it’s safe if you don’t let your stuff around carelessly.

Is Vietnam political condition safe or dangerous?

 Answer: Safe (8/10)

There will be always political issues in every country. Vietnam is a one-party communist state. The Vietnamese government represses free speech and censors a lot of dialogue. Therefore there will be some protests happen when it comes to some special event of the year. However, the country manages it quite well and in fact, it doesn’t affect on any aspect of normal life including tourism. In short, you won’t be worried about any sudden political crisis here.


Vietnamese youth are willing to make friend with foreigners


The young people here are very open-minded, knowledgeable and happy to make new friends. Unlike Chinese, Vietnamese youth are far more Westernize than you can expect and they are not so forbidden from accessing information. But anyway, if it’s local political issues, we suggest that you won’t get involved.

Is Vietnam safe on traffic?

Answer: Dangerous (5/10)

Sad but true, road-related deaths kill more people than disease in Vietnam. That’s around 14,000 people each year. It’s the 3rd highest rate of road-related deaths in Asia, behind Thailand and Iran. Pretty serious.

The reason is mostly about the motorbikes number in the country. 58% of Vietnam population own a motorbike for themselves, so you can see a lot, a lot of motorbikes here. Vietnamese people drive much more careless than any country in the world, we have to admit (I’m so jealous when seeing Thai people respect other drivers on the road, true story). In Vietnam, many people ride in drunken condition after parties, which is the main reason for the death rate, the government is trying very hard to fix that.


You can see A LOT of motorbikes in Vietnam

You can see A LOT of motorbikes in Vietnam


The traffic in the city is quite slow so it may not be much dangerous but when you go to the highway you should be well-prepared. True thing is, if you can ride a motorbike in Vietnam, it will be so much fun and nice experience. We already published an article about how to drive safely in Vietnam, you may want to check.

Is Vietnam food safe or dangerous?

Answer: Safe (9/10)

Vietnamese cuisine is just awesome, all the foods in the country has special taste and inherit great traditional value from long time ago. As the country spread in a vast distance from North to South with the constant change in terrains and climate, the food become various, too. If you come across the country, you can easily see the difference between Pho in North vs Pho vs South, the light flavour of Northern cuisine, the dedicated seasoning and decoration is Central cuisine, and the explosion in Southern’s food mix.


Vietnam's cuisine is very special from North to South

Vietnam’s cuisine is very special from North to South


Vietnam can be great for a food tour and totally safe for your health. The foods are combined between many ingredient which create great harmony and nutritions combination. You can eat a lot of food in Vietnam without worry of gaining weight or health problem. We recommend you to eat at well-known place which have clean look.

Also, because of the hot weather here, food is spoiled quickly. Therefore, you should be careful when you eat rice or salad. One of the best ways to check is to smell it first. If you feel that the smell is not good, then avoid it.

If you’re in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), you may want to check our Where To Eat section to find great place to try special foods.



Everyone seems to visit Vietnam these days, In 2016, Vietnam received 10 million visitors. That’s a 26% increase on the previous year. In 2018, that number rose to 14 million. We think that’s also an answers you are looking for. We will keep this “Is Vietnam Safe” topic continuing so you can have more information to make decision. Please stay tune!

You want more of local recommendation? We will be more than happy to talk to you more at Beso House. We can also help you to know more about the city when you’re staying at our house!


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