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There is a street food specialty from Saigon that can hardly be found in any travel guidebook, but it’s placed in mostly any single... SAIGON SMOOTHIE, WHY NOT?

There is a street food specialty from Saigon that can hardly be found in any travel guidebook, but it’s placed in mostly any single street in Vietnam – smoothie. I’m not talking about the smoothie you can find in the cafe or coffee house, it’s all about street smoothie. As promised in my previous blog, here are some reasons why you should try a cup of smoothie right on Saigon’s street.


What is the street food that a tropical country have the most? It’s the fruits! Thanks to the weather and location, in Vietnam, we have fresh fruits all the year, and blended them into smoothie is the best way to enjoy the fruits. On every street, you can easily enjoy a cup of smoothie, various flavors with only from VND 20,000. Sounds great? Some people may say that cheap price cannot guarantee for the quality of the smoothie. In my defend, you can feel more secured with a VND 60,000 cup of smoothie in a coffee shop but that’s what you pay for the location, the brand and the convenience, and sometime the decoration of the smoothie cup, but who cares? We’re talking about the smoothie, not how it looks.


Saigon street food smoothie cheap delicious

It’s only from VND 20,000 (apr. $0.8 for a cup of smoothie like this). What a snip!


Believe me, it’s not much different between street smoothie and cafeteria smoothie. On the street, the vendors don’t have to pay much tax, and the supply source is not the best one, the fruits here may be not good looking but they’re still fresh and delicious in the inside.


There are not much ingredients for street smoothie in Saigon, people often use fresh chopped fruit, condensed milk, a bit of sugar then blend them together. With this method, the taste of the fruits is kept as what it is, but also enhanced a bit with the sweetness from milk, which makes the best combination ever.


Saigon street food smoothie delicious cheap mix by condensed milk

Saigon smoothies are often made by mixing fruits & condensed milk. English caption “Cheap and delicious”



On the street, there is no fixed menu, you can ask for a cup of avocado smoothie, oh wait, you want some more flavours? Let’s add durian, the price stay the same or just added up VND 5,000, same for adding strawberry, jack fruit, coconut…It’s like you can invent a new kind of smoothie on the street!!!


Saigon Street food smoothie delicious cheap

Dozens of choices to make your own smoothie cup


Or else, you can try others offered flavours, the choices can make you confuse a bit because there are too many of them: coconut, strawberry, apple, orange, banana, durian, mango, grapefruit, grape, papaya, soursop, custard-apple, sapodilla, guava, dragon fruit, ambarella… are you with me? Furthermore, there are smoothies made from vegetables like centela smoothie, very good for your health and give you the freshness after long day of walk. Well, how many time will it take you to try all of them, my friends?

Saigon street food smoothie cheap delicious coconut with cocoa powder

Coconut smoothie with cocoa powder


Saigon street food smoothie delicious cheap avocado

Avocado smoothie is a popular choice of Saigonese because of its richness in taste and nutrition


Saigon street food smoothie delicious cheap

Sapodilla & soursop – great choices for hot day


Saigon street food smoothie delicious cheap strawberry

Strawberry is a favorite choice of ladies


Saigon street food smoothie delicious cheap

A lot more choices and toppings!



You don’t need a foodie app to find a place to try smoothie in Saigon, because you can find a smoothie vendor in every street. It’s so convenient you can stop by, buy a cup of smoothie and then let go. There are some area from our local recommendation for you to find the best places to enjoy fruit smoothie (click on the name of the place to see maps):


  1. District 10 – Le Hong Phong street:


When you reach to the end of Le Hong Phong street in District 8, there are some smoothie vendors on you right. They are opened from morning to midnight so you can drink smoothie here every time. This place is also popular for young Saigonese because the street also has many other snacks to eat too


  1. District 3 – Le Van Sy bridge:


There are many smoothie vendors around this area, close to Huu Ich Noodle Stall that i mentioned before. This place is near the river so the air is cool and the wind breeze can make you feel relax, couldn’t find another better place to enjoy a fresh cup of smoothie.


  1. District 1: Nguyen Trai Street, Bui Vien Street

Nguyen Trai street – near NowZone is surrounded by a lot of universities and is a popular place for young Saigonese to hang out, no doubt that there are a lot of snacks, food and also smoothie places.

Bui Vien is more well-known by the tourists, it’s also a symbolics place for Saigon’s nightlife with bars and night activities. If you are seeking for fun after smoothie, this place is recommended


  1. District 5:

District 5 is also known as the Chinatown of Saigon, and the foods here are really diverse, you can have a lot of options. When visit this place, you can enjoy a cup of smoothie on a plastic chair and watch the vibrant flow of people and traffic. Not only smoothies, you can have much more options made from fruits like chopped fruit with milk or yogurt…

If you’re not in the places above, that’s totally okay because you can explore a smoothie place yourself as we mentioned that every smoothie place on Saigon street is super delicious and unique. Please try one and tell us how you feel.


In the neighborhood of Beso House, there are also a lot of smoothie places which is very close and convenient for you to try. If you pay a visit here, we would be very happy to walk you to those places. See you!

Chau Nguyen

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