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What is exact Bánh? Some Saigoneses translate “bánh” to “cake”, “snack” or “bread”, not correct. They are just three aspects of the greatness. This... BÁNH IN VIETNAM – WHAT EXACTLY IS IT?

What is exact Bánh?

Some Saigoneses translate “bánh” to “cake”, “snack” or “bread”, not correct. They are just three aspects of the greatness. This article will help you learn more about bánh in Vietnam and suggest top 5 bánh that you must try in your Saigon trip.

I have research for the definition of Bánh in Vietnam in a variety of online dictionaries, websites. However, the one and only reliable resource provide the most precise definition:

Foods made from wheat flour are generally called bánh, but the term may also refer to certain varieties of noodle and fish cake dishes, such as bánh canh and bánh hỏi.

How many type of Bánh in Vietnam?

If you ask a Vietnamese if he or she could count how many type of bánh in Vietnam, the answer surely is no limit. Although the ancient Vietnameses created most of bánh generations ago, the flavor is stand still over decades. No matter what method of cooking you want to savor, there are at least five bánh for each method:

  • steaming: bánh bao, bánh ướt, bánh bò, bánh bèo, bánh chuối, etc.
  • baking: bánh trung thu, bánh mì, bánh bông lan, bánh pía, bánh gan, etc.
  • frying: bánh xèo, bánh phồng tôm, bánh bột chiên, bánh gối, bánh bao chiên, etc.
  • boiling: bánh bột lọc, bánh tét, bánh chưng, bánh dày, bánh canh, etc.

Those are all decent traditional bánh, not included a numerous amount of new recipes which have been creating and importing every year.

Top 5 bánh in Saigon

Furthermore, the most exciting thing is that you can eat any of them at a very affordable price with good quality. Here are our top 5 suggested bánh that you must try in Saigon:

Bánh mì:

Definitely, bánh mì or Vietnamese bread is a must. You can easily find a vendor of bánh mì every kilometer, bánh mì combines with sliced pork, cucumber, chilli, pâté, carrot and daikon pickle, and coriander. All of it combines make a superb crunchy, savory, sweat loaf.
bánh mì in vietnam

Bánh ướt:

It literally means “wet cake”. They made it from a thin, wide sheet of steamed rice batter wrap. Bánh ướt served with Vietnamese pork sausage (chả lụa), fermented pork roll, cucumbers, bean sprouts, fresh herbs and fish sauce. Interestingly, some vendors add a piece of fried shrimp cake to enhance the flavor.

bánh ướt in vietnam

Bánh tiêu:

People are calling it “Vietnamese hollow donuts” by tourist. It seams big, but nothing inside, as you can see. Bánh tiêu is deep-fried and topped with lots of sesame seeds. You only experience the best when they are fresh and hot. I have loved it when I was a child, nothing changed. 
bánh tiêu in vietnam

Bánh bò:

A steamed rice cake. People are afraid of bánh tiêu because of crispy method, a piece of bánh bò inside bánh tiêu perfectly mixed together. Sometimes, they have bánh bò with coconut milk.

Colorful bánh bò in Vietnam

Bánh bèo:

This is a specialty of Huế. It was another ancient capital of Vietnam, and now a city in centre of Vietnam. Bánh bèo is a well-known street food made by rice flour, shrimp, coriander, add red hot pepper slices. One more tips for you, it works best with fish sauce.

bánh bèo in vietnam


Never mind to share with us your intention to explore Saigon. We will share the best places to taste each type of the above “bánh”. Beso house always want to help our guests able to live like a local, know the top secrets of Saigon that just a few tourists know.

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