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There are plenty things to do in Saigon, today I’m not gonna mention about other normal things that a tourists would do, but a... SAIGON TRAFFIC JAMS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM

There are plenty things to do in Saigon, today I’m not gonna mention about other normal things that a tourists would do, but a weird yet a most iconic thing about Saigon, so you can come back to your town and brag with your friends how local you are – the traffic jams.

To avoid it or to enjoy it, that’s your choice. Below are some place which are easiest to catch a traffic jam. And when is the best time to catch a traffic jams in Saigon: 7:00 AM – 10:00AM – the time when all Saigonese get out of their nests to go to work. 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM – when people leave work to home.

And these are where to find one:



Hoola, you’re welcome in Saigon with a lot of people on their bikes and cars. There was no Metro in Saigon yet, all the traffics in and out must go through the airport’s 2 main entrances, causing an extremely insance scene whenever passengers arrive. Especially, if you’re arrive at the time range i mentioned above, when there are more people on the street, please be patient and enjoy this crowded city through… traffic jams. The leaders of the city built an overpass but the problem seems remained.

Saigon traffic jam, airport

This is what you will see first in Saigon



Dien Bien Phu Street, a 3-lane oneway street, doesn’t seems like a street with regular traffic jam right? But it does, and you will not want to be in a traffic jam on this street with some stomach problem, so my advice if you just had a lot of delicious Saigon food is: don’t enter this street, especially in the rush hour. It will take you around 30 – 45 minutes to finish this 3-kilometer road. The main reason is there are a lot of traffic lights – more than a dozen – synonyms with a lot of cross and there will be thousands of vehicles entering this main street. There are a joke about traffic jam on Dien Bien Phu street, that you find a book and you can finish it while enjoying the stuck here.

Saigon traffic jam, dien bien phu

The (feel like) longest road in Saigon – Dien Bien Phu Street


My foreign friends always tell me: “It’s great to take the sidewalks in D1 to see they’re not sidewalks”. Hard to understand? It’s because in the rush hour, the sidewalks will become an additional lane for motorbikes to get over the traffic jams. A lot of impatient motorbike drivers cannot wait for the traffic to move on but take action by drive on the place for walkers, this is sometime dangerous for people, not so right and illegal so please don’t do this when you ride in Saigon. Most of the streets in D1 are very small with just 2 car lanes, they were not expected to be designed for load of motorbikes 40 – 50 years ago so that’s why. So, what do you prefer? Join the traffic jam squad or take the sidewalk and take typical photos like other tourist do?


saigon traffic jam, pasteur

Just a normal day in Pasteur Street

Where to find one: Pasteur Str. Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Str. Ly Tu Trong Str., Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Vo Van Tan Str.


There are a lot of expats who are living around this area so you can ask for confirmation about this paragraph. This is almost the only traffic point that people need to get through to go home from the city, if they are living in the sub-urban areas like Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, D9, D2… Furthermore, it’s located near one of city’s 2 biggest Bus stations – Mien Dong Station, in the rush hour, there are a lot of buses in and out through this point, so it’s easy to understand why there is always a hot point of traffic jam in this place. The city built a overpass here 3 years ago with the hope to solve the problem but it seems like people will need some more routes, especially when there will be new buildings, aparments and commercial centers to be built in near future.

saigon traffic jam, hang xanh

You spin my head right round right round… in a roundabout


Similar to the Hang Xanh Roundabout, Truong Chinh street and Cong Hoa Street are the only ways for people to go through to enter the city center from the sub-urban areas. There is one thing about this problem, many people working in Saigon is from other provinces, the rent in sub-urban area is way cheaper than the district near the center, but there were not so much roads to be built here, because it’s not the main commercial center, and of course it will go with traffic problems, but it’s nothing compared to the living cost so people decided to live with it. The roads are not so consistent in size in different parts also, causing bottle neck problem which is the main reason for traffic stuck.

saigon traffic jam, truong chinh

Truong Chinh traffic jam

Millions of people have to wake up early everyday to go to work, mostly spend 1 hours to survive the traffic. At the end of the day, they waste the same amount of time (even more) to get home, take a good sleep to prepare for the next same routine (crazy huh).


There are still plenty of traffic jam points around the city and we will come back with another articles about it. Or you may explore it yourself and just tell us?

Luckily in Beso House, there is rarely a traffic jam happen so you can easily enjoy your time to go to the center of the city by any mean of transportation. Here is the link to our homestay if you want to spend sometime with us and explore Saigon in local way :D. Further more, it’s located near the airport so you can be sure that you will not miss any flight due to traffic jam.

We’re waiting for you to stay:

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